Elkton School District Facilities Assessment

Elkton School District Facilities Assessment & Long-Range Planning

Elkton, OR

ORW Architecture and its consultant engineers performed a comprehensive ODE facility assessment and prepared Long-Range Planning for Elkton School District #34. The ORW team assessed 11 District buildings on 2 campuses for pre-bond planning and as a candidate for need- and lottery-based State grant funding. Long-Range Planning work included: Interview school principals for major issues and program needs; update projections on goals, priorities, building needs and sizes; develop master list of bond projects from assessments and interviews; develop costs for 2018 projects with ODE tool and independent estimator; educator and staff survey collaboration (questions, review, integrate); strategic plan coordination and integration with LRP; explore Master Planning options; create Master Planning graphics; phasing strategy and graphics; update planning options, project list, costs after Bond Committee coordination; integration and updates after surveys and community engagement; and compiling reports.