Rogue Credit Union Headquarters

Rogue Credit Union Headquarters

Medford, OR

Rogue Credit Union contacted ORW Architecture to propose an addition and renovation to their existing headquarters in Medford.  The company’s rapid growth meant they were outgrowing their existing facility. However, in addition to simple need for additional  space, the organization looked to create new office space that better reflected their values -  transparency and collaboration in their dealings and a focus on local people and places.

ORW was able to design a series of new, expansive and naturally lit open office spaces configured to allow for greater interaction between teams of employees from different divisions.  The light and airy spaces feature various amenity and breakout spaces and areas for casual interaction.  The facility also includes a large training area for gathering employees from a the various branches and divisions. 

“As a rapidly growing organization I knew that we needed world class design services. Yet, with a focus on Southern Oregon, we wanted a local firm to design our project. I was not sure that a “local” world class firm would be a possibility. We are honored to partner with ORW on our project and believe they exemplify the strengths of the very best architectural firms.  

~Gene Pelham, CEO